Blandford Forum Railway Club

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About us:

The Blandford Forum Railway Club was formed in December 2014 and was previously known as the Blandford Museum Railway Club.

The Club moved to the Scout Hall which is situated in Eaglehouse Gardens Blandford Forum in January 2015, and is a spacious facility well suited to our needs. The reason for the move was due to the club expanding and outgrowing the space allocated to it in the Town Museum. With the club growing the Museum could not keep pace with the clubs needs.

The Club meets the first Friday night in the month and Guest speakers are invited to give illustrated talks on a regular basis throughout the year. Workshops are held every Wednesday mornings from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm and are open to everyone to work on the many varied projects which are being undertaken by members.

Friday Nights             7.30 pm to 9.30pm         £2 per Member and £2 per guest payable on the door

                                                                 (£3 per member and £3 per guest if speaker giving talk)


Wednesday workshops  8.30am to 12.30pm       £1 payable on the Door

Refreshments are provided

There is ample car parking space at the Scout Hall, and all are welcome.

Annual membership is £20 per Annum

The Blandford Town museum has on display the Blandford Station scale model which was recently displayed at Warley National Model Railway Exhibition held at the NEC Birmingham.

Other railway memorabilia and artefacts are also on display in the Blandford Town Museum.

Museum times are seasonal and you can find these times by visiting the museum WEB site

It is expected that this web site will be updated approximately every 6 weeks

Ron Pluck


Bob Downes

Committee Member

Mike Smith

Committee Member

Keith Humphries

Ron Clegg

 Committee Member

Robert Stephenson

Committee Member

Howard Day


Leon Maidment

Committee Member

The Committee

Strategy, planning, and overall

Ad hoc member

Treasurer and to train Deputy.

I/C Test track

Club stock,Local Contacts, Press releases, PR

Club visits, social Secretary, catering coordinator I/C Spetisbury and Saynors Green, club workshop

Sales, Books, archive Library, Deputy Chairperson

Exhibition Secretary and team leader for displays Deputy Treasurer. I/C Doorbury

Club Photographer, WEB site manager Support to Secretary