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2017 sees another year in. Unfortunately we have had a number of changes occur within the committee structure. apart from the re election of the committee we have had our Chairperson retire, this has left us with a huge vacuum to fill.  David Cash was our Chairperson from day one when the club was founded and based in the Blandford town museum and under his good auspices and guidance the club has gone from strength to strength. David's experience dealing with the various organisations on behalf of railway club around Blandford Forum will be sorely missed, but I think if asked nicely he will still point us in the right direction.

For those of you that missed the AGM , the election result was as follows.

Chairperson / Treasurer Peter Warrington will carry on with the role until the 2018 AGM where he intends to retire and stand down  from the committee. Peter will be handing over the treasurers mantle to Keith Pfrangley mid 2017.

Club Secretary  Ron Clegg was reelected to this position.

Bob Downes and Mike Smith was reelected into their committee positions.

Tony Legg was reelected as a seconded member to the committee

During the evening the membership was asked to nominate a new candidate for the second Seconded committee member position. Kelvin Bryant was nominated, proposed and seconded for the position and is now in position.

The reports quoted from the AGM are all available form a committee member

Sturminster Marshall Event

A very successful event was held at Sturminster Marshall Old School hall on Saturday 8th April 2017. The event included the Bailey gate and Spetisbury layouts joined together creating a layout approximately 6m in length, The layouts; both still in construction, gave visitors and local residents an idea of what is being achieved by the club. Local residents who remembered the railway  have contributed a vast amount of information to the archives with regard to the railway and milk factory.