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AGM 2018

Chairpersons Report

2017 was our third year here in the Scout Hall, all in all it was a good year, with 8 new members joining us, and the Club is financially sound

All layouts are proceeding steadily. Bailey Gate Base Boards & Stands are now completed, and diorama & models soon to be started. Doorbury layout is looking good and ready to go to shows. Well done to the Doorbury team. Saynors Green, all gremlins in the points are now sorted, stands are needed, and then it is ready for Loco running and Models. Spetisbury has been on hold all year, Mike Smith has been very busy helping Ian Edlin with the WW1 diorama

The WW1 Diorama has been well received at the various venues it has been on thanks to Ian & Mike, their work has won ' The Railway Club' a lot of ' Brownie Points.

Georgian Fayre - We put on a show in The Knees Up' studio, a lot of customer interest was shown, & a lot of ideas learned should we do a ' Georgian Fayre' this year.

One Outing - Pendon & Didcot Railway Museum' was enjoyed by the 13 members who went. All being well, there could be 1 or 2 Outings this year - watch this space

During the year we enjoyed 2 social evenings and 3 Talks. Wednesday mornings are well attended, a lot of activities, the Test Track running loco's and trains, building layouts, watching nostalgic steam trains in the TV room or just reminiscing with colleagues. Having to change monthly meetings from a Monday to a Friday hasn't helped matters, but sorry not a lot I could do about that.

May I thank the Committee for their time, support, Ideas, and suggestions - polite ones. I stated at last year's AGM that I would be a Caretaker Chairman' for 1 year whilst the committee appointed a new Chairman, regrettably, they have been unable to appoint one, so 4 members will each take a 3-month term as Chairman, Ron Clegg to start.

After 11 years in office in various capacities thanks to Anno Domini, and failing memory I need a rest.

We urgently need a new Chairman, any offers from the floor?

Thank you all for your support, attendance and enthusiasm, without it the Club would not exist. I hope that all members have an enjoyable year here at The Scout Hall.

Thank you.

Secretaries Report

BT broadband

We are still looking for an alternative Broadband supplier

Club website

The club website has now been live for year.  Two recent additions (a hit counter and a WW1 Page) will enhance the site. The hit counter was added to enable the club to evaluate the viability of the site.

At present the average hits per month is between 50 and 60. The cut off number of hits has been set for 25(approximately half the club membership) The WEB site received its first e-mail via its URL link. Unfortunately, the member it was addressed to was unattainable


Photographs and albums

Many pictures have been accumulated and are on the Computer for members to view if required. Additionally, Keith Pfrangley has been converting VHS tapes into DVD editions which are available for members


Telephone Landline The telephone landline discount has been renewed, 12 months’ phone line for a cost of 10  months, this expires in January 2019

Membership  52 And still growing

Projects Bailey Gate. Ongoing

The update statements from Howard Day especially the Autumn update gives a fuller picture.

There are three further projects on the go: -

                    Doorbury North

                    Saynors Green



A selection of maps with Somerset & Dorset Railway links; are at present on loan and we have an option to purchase them in the future


Club Insurance The club’s annual insurance cover is up for renewal once again. The Insurance company has advised us that the premium is £414.00 without increases to cover the workshop contents.


Amendments to the constitution

7. In the event that there are no nominees for the role of Chairperson, the committee will make a decision as to how the role will be covered

Amendments to the Constitution

24. The committee shall periodically review:

A. The Club night entrance fee for members and guests when a guest speaker, film show, social evening or open night takes place.

B.  The Wednesday morning workshop entrance fee for members and guests

C. The Night of the week that the Club meets

D. When paying the annual subscription fee members unless declining beforehand are agreeing for their contact details to be used by other members and the Committee.

E.   Items a,b,c,d will have agreement sought, and will be voted on by the membership before implementation .

A vote was held regarding e-mail addresses being being made available to the committee and the membership. Email addresses would be added to the members list when members join the club.

However this does not mean that a member cannot withhold their email address if they advise the secretary in writing.

This motion was proposed by Howard Day, Seconded by David Cash and  was carried.

An election for a new committee member was held, the candidates being Howard Day and Lynne Pfrangley.

The result of the vote resulted in Howard Day being elected

Treasurers Report