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Bailey Gate

The story so far …



Much has happened on the layout this year since my last update and I will try to list all the changes.

Firstly we have added two more boards to complete the scenic section of the layout which will incorporate the crossing of the A31 at Bailey Gate Crossing and the Admiralty pumping station. This makes the scenic section 34 feet of frontage to the viewing side. The model of Spetisbury can now be incorporated into this layout adding another 8 feet to the scenic area. The team has now turned its attention as to how to complete the layout and have designed the two fiddle yards and have started to make the baseboards to take the tracks. We have also now completed the system of trestles to support all the baseboards [ 17 in total needed only 7 more to go!!!]

At the same time the point rodding has been installed and rail painting and ballasting is under way a slow and painstaking job.

A significant start has been made on the scenic side of the layout starting at the station bridge and road. White card models have been made for the station buildings, the pub, various cottages and the signal box. We are now hoping to turn our attention to the milk factory structures as well as the pumping station.

The electrical works are now completed on boards 1 to 9 with all point motors installed and working.

We continue to do research on the buildings we want to model on the layout and have now obtained the information to incorporate the Watercress farm into the layout.

All in all we have had a productive time this year. The model moves forward and the modellers involved have enjoyed the construction. The team look forward to another exciting year.